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About Us

Hello friends!, greetings and welcome to the IMNubi.Com website

Welcome to our website, this website was built to provide you with useful information about networks for Marketing, Finance, Health, and News.


Sources of information on this website, we get from various sources, which we can trust.

Although it may still be far from perfect, we strive to convey information as detailed, and as accurately as possible.

But, for web content, we cannot claim that all the information we provide here is 100% correct. Because the information we receive may differ from the facts, changes in time, and the times.

In addition, our sources also come from personal experience, which is impossible to mention in detail, and also personal experience.

For that, we always try to keep up to date on the information that has been conveyed in this blog.

We will try our best in conveying information to readers, and we are also committed to always being dedicated to providing you with the best Information, and Recommendations.

Whether it’s a news recommendation, a product, as well as a Business Opportunity. However, we are not responsible for third-party products, which at the time we recommended were true. 

And with the quality according to the initial description.


However, it still refers to the information and facts, that this website cannot guarantee, or be blamed for the information presented, that the information is 100% correct.

Because the information changes so quickly and follows the development of the situation, conditions, and developments of the times.

This website is a change blog from the old one and is effective on 01-02-022. IMNubi.Com, and has changed owners and of course the information presented.

IMNubi.Com is positioned in South Tangerang – 15415, Banten, Indonesia.

When IMNubi.Com decided to transform, we chose to change direction but remain on the main line to provide information about networks for Marketing, Finance, Health, and News.

So that we, together with this website, remain passionate about providing you with the latest information on the network that we run.

Good Luck

Hope you feel comfortable, and can enjoy the information that we convey through MNubi.Com. And I hope you keep the spirit in fighting for your family and future, as we present the best information to you

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.