Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes

Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes. Now comes the time to learn about the more natural remedies for generalized anxiety disorder. Which include lifestyle changes and things you can do at home.

Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes
Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes – Photo by Ron Lach :

Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes

Keep in mind depending on the type of anxiety you have and whether or not you have other mental illnesses, this may only be part of your treatment option. Don’t rule out professional help and taking medications if needed.

Avoid Stimulants

The first change you will need to make is to cut back on all stimulants. Many stimulants might make you feel a little better in the short-term. But act as depressants, leaving you feel much worse afterward.

Other stimulants, like caffeine and sugar, actually speed up your heart rate and can make you experience the physical triggers of a panic attack. Which causes more anxiety, leading to an actual panic attack.

For these reasons, it is time to cut back on caffeine like

  1. Coffee
  2. Soft drinks
  3. Sugar
  4. Alcohol
  5. Cigarettes
  6. Any drugs

Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes. Talk to your doctor if you are finding it difficult to quit.

Get More Exercise

This one is great for overall health and wellness, not just for generalized anxiety disorder. You should be getting more physical activity every day, or as often as possible.

This doesn’t have to be spending an hour in the gym every day, but trying to get your body moving. When you get more exercise, your brain starts releasing happy chemicals like endorphins, which is going to boost your mood.

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Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes. Over time, you will notice that this has a positive impact on your anxiety as well.

Focus on Better Sleep

Yes, you need to get better sleep. A major drawback with having Generalized Anxiety Disorders is that it can affect your sleep. Even though you often feel fatigued, once your head hits the pillow, all the thoughts and the worries and the fears start.

Some people find that their anxiety is triggered by laying down, because they hear their heart beating. Which causes anxiety about the speed of the heart rate and that leads to heart palpitations.

Try to do what you can to be rested enough by bedtime that you fall asleep quickly. This can be exercising more during the day, changing your diet, cutting out all caffeine. Or starting a new bedtime ritual. Adding lavender essential oils to a diffuser in your room can be helpful. Along with drinking chamomile tea or taking a hot bath before bed.

Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes. Remove anything that is going to stimulate your brain, including no TV in the room and turning off your cell phone.

Eat a Healthy Diet – Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle

Along with cutting back on sugar and caffeine, there are some other dietary changes tomake. The healthier you eat, the more nutrients you get in your body, and the better both your body and brain will start to feel.

When you constantly eat junk food, it triggers a response in your brain that tells you the only way you will feel better is to eat more junk food. This starts a bad habit of emotional eating that is hard to stop.

The best thing you can do is start eating healthier and avoiding those junk food binges. Start filling up on water, fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

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Practice Trigger Avoidance

If you have been tracking your panic attacks and moments of anxiety, you might have noticed certain triggers. As mentioned before, generalized anxiety disorder can cause anxiety or worry at any time, even without a trigger. But if you do have triggers, then you can try avoidance.

This means you are preventing situations that tend to trigger your anxiety responses. This might be when you talk to certain people, are around crowds like with social anxiety. Or when you are have to give a presentation. Some things can’t be avoided, like going to the dentist, but you should be able to use other coping mechanisms for those.

Journal Every Day

A good way to deal with your anxiety daily and also to find out if you have triggers is by keeping a journal. An anxiety journal is a great way to figure out when, where, and why you are having anxiety and worries as part of your generalized anxiety disorder. This can be a journal just for anxiety, or used for other things as well.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing in it if you don’t want to. At the very least, record when you have panic attacks or situations you are in when you felt more worry than normal. Write down who you were with and what you were doing so you can look for any patterns.

Socialize More Often – Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle

Generalized Anxiety Disorders Lifestyle Changes. It can often be intimidating being around other people when you have an anxiety disorder like GAD, but it also helps you to feel better. You just need to choose the right people to spend time with. These should be people you feel comfortable with, who become your support system.

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Be honest and let them know about your anxiety, and reach out to them when needed. Have a close group of friends and family you can spend time with and not have to worry about someone seeing how your anxiety is being peaked.

Find Other Interests

Lastly, you can start re-focusing your mind on other things. Find hobbies or interests you can become involved in. This helps to express your creative energy and keep your mind off the fears and worries. If you are too afraid to take a class with strangers, just find a solo activity you can do at home. This also gives you something to distract you when you feel a bad panic attack coming on.

Generalized anxiety disorder isn’t easy, but with the right methods, you can learn to live with it and have a happy life at the same time. About The Causes, Signs, and Symptoms, and how you can treat them quickly. Pleas read here Generalized Anxiety Disorders You Need to Know

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